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Acer Aspire V5-571

Released January 2013.

Charger is plugged in; however, the battery percentage is still decreasing.

Be sure the charger and power adapter is plugged into a working power outlet. Try connecting the laptop to a different power adapter. If the laptop begins to charge, then it is the original power adapter that is at fault.

If trying a different cord does not work, then your laptop may need a battery replacement. Follow our battery replacement guide here (link to Device Page Battery Replacement Guide).

You are typing on the keyboard, but the computer screen does not show any text.

The keyboard could be malfunctioning from built up moisture inside of the laptop. To fix this issue, follow our guide (upper cover removal guide link here) to remove the computer's upper cover so you can then remove the moisture.

Try connecting a USB keyboard to the laptop. If the USB laptop works, then you have a problem with a connector inside the laptop. Use this guide (Upper cover removal guide link here) to access the disconnected or broken connector. If it is disconnected, then you will simply reattach it to the keyboard. If it is broken, then you will need to replace the connector.

Is the laptop excessively overheating?

Faulty batteries or overcharged batteries can result in faulty batteries. Bad batteries do not give out suddenly. As the batteries slowly die, plenty of heat will generate. To fix this, follow this guide here(guide link)

Sometimes accumulation of dust occurs in the vents, cooling channels and fans. This will cause a blockage of heat being prevented to expel from the computer. To fix this, follow this guide here(guide link)

The touchpad is not reacting to your commands to click on items and/or move your cursor on the screen.

Follow this guide (guide link) to remove the touchpad and clean any accumulated moisture out of the touchpad area.

If you find it difficult to click items with your trackpad, your trackpad spring could be broken. Follow this guide (guide link) to remove the touchpad and replace the spring.

Can not hear audio when speakers are not muted.

The loudspeaker cable may have been disconnected or become loose, which would interfere with any audio. To resolve this problem, follow the guide here(guide link).

The loudspeaker itself may have been blown out or damaged. To fix it, follow the guide here(link) to replace the loudspeaker.


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