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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Acer Aspire V5-122P-0681 Troubleshooting Page

This page is list of common problems experienced by previous and current owners of the device.

Computer won’t turn on

- Computer won’t turn on

-Make sure computer is charged up

-Then try to turn on power after computer has been. charged for at least an hour.

- Computer won’t turn on due to not charging

-If computer won’t charge, check computer cord.

-If the problem is the computer charging cord, replace charging cord.

- Computer won’t charge due to faulty battery

-If computer won’t charge and it is not the cord, check the battery charging light.

-If the computer charging light is not on, battery may need to be replaced

-Check the guide on battery removal and replacement


-Call technical assistant for help


Laptop Screen is Black'''

The computer screen is not displaying anything.

- Computer isn’t on

-Make sure computer is charged up and powered on.

-If not, plug computer and make sure charge light is on.

- Computer is on, but screen is black

-If computer is charged and on, try rebooting the computer.

-Hold down power button for 20 seconds until Acer logo pops back on screen.

- Rebooted, but screen is still black

-If computer screen is still black, LCD screen or LED light may need to be replaced.

-If replacing LDC screen at home, open up the top of laptop with any tool, remove screen, and replace with a new one.

-If replacing LED light, open up the top of laptop with any tool, remove and replace light with a new one.

-Call tech support for further assistance.

Can’t plug in USB

- USB ports not working

-USB port is bent

-If USB port is bent, port may need to be replaced

-Refer to USB port replacement guide


-Call technical assistant for help

USB port won’t recognize device

-Is USB or USB cord is plugged in and working

-Make sure the USB device or cord is properly working

- USB is plugged in, but my laptop will not recognize my device

-Start by checking to make sure your system is updated on your computer

-If USB port is still not working, try reinstalling the Operating system shipped with your device.

-USB port won’t recognize device, but Operating system is updated

-Device port may need to be replaced.

-Refer to guide for USB port replacement


-Call technical assistant for help

Hard Drive Issues

- Computer won’t recongnize hard drive

-Make sure hard drive is updated with the latest updates

-Then restart the computer

- Computer is updated, but hard drive still won’t recognize

-Dissemble the device

-Make sure the device’s hard drive is not missing (usually happens with pre-owned devices)

-If not, order a hard drive or contact warranty department

-If so, hard drive may need to be replaced.

-Then refer to guide for replacement


-Call technical assistant for help

Motherboard issues

- Computer is running slow

-Make sure computer has all updates

-If it is updated, make sure computer is free of viruses

-Run a diagnostic on device

- Computer won’t work

-If computer won’t work, check motherboard/CPU

-If problem is with CPU/motherboard, replace or update motherboard

-Refer to guide for instructions


-Call technical assistance for help


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