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Acer Aspire ES1-111M-C7DE Troubleshooting

The Acer Aspire ES1-111M-C7DE is a 11.6” computer equipped with a an Intel Celeron Processor N2840 and Intel HD graphics. It runs Windows 8.1 with 2GB of RAM and has a 250GB hard drive.

Trouble Connecting to Internet ¶ 

My laptop will not connect to the internet

Network Driver out of date ¶ 

Check your network driver status by typing in Device Manager into the search bar and looking under Network adapters to see if there is a yellow question mark. If there is, go to Acer's Driver Page and download the correct driver. Uninstall the old driver from Programs and Features and then install the new driver.

Laptop not connecting to home network ¶ 

Check that your home router is on and in range. Try restarting your router by unplugging it for approximately a minute and then plug it back in. If the problem still persists, check that you are using the correct router name and password when trying to connect.

Airplane mode is turned on ¶ 

You may have turned on Airplane Mode without realizing it. Try pressing the fn key + F3 to turn it back off .

Network interface card needs replacement ¶ 

If the problems persist, you may need to replace your network interface card. Please follow our guide here [invalid guide link] for instructions on how to do so.

Device Running Out of Storage ¶ 

There is not enough storage to download new content or create new files.

Storage is full ¶ 

The hard drive storage is full and you need to delete some files. To delete programs search for “programs and features” in the windows search bar and click on it. To delete files open the file explorer and select the files that you wish to delete and click the delete key. Make sure to empty the recycle bin afterwards.

Temporary files and broken links can take up a lot of storage. To scan and delete them, you can use a free program called CCleaner. Once downloaded, open the program and on the cleaner tab click analyze to determine the amount of space being taken up by temporary files. Click run to delete all of them. Next, click on the registry tab and click ‘scan for issues’ and once that is done click ‘fix selected issues’ to delete broken links.

Hard drive needs to be upgraded ¶ 

If deleting files is not an option and the defrag did not help, then you may need to upgrade your storage. The Acer Aspire E11 uses a 2.5 inch hard drive. To replace the hard drive refer to this guide [invalid guide link].

Short Battery Life ¶ 

My laptop will not turn on without being plugged in.

Battery overheating ¶ 

Let the computer sit with the power off for approximately 30 minutes giving the battery a chance to cool down if it is overheated. Once 30 minutes has passed, try turning the laptop on again without being plugged into power.

Battery unable to hold charge ¶ 

Plug the computer into power and allow for the battery to charge for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, unplug the laptop and check to see if it will stay on. If it turns off immediately, the battery should be replaced. Check out the [invalid guide link] to replacing the battery.

Computer is Running Slowly ¶ 

The laptop is not responding and runs sluggishly.

Too many programs running at once ¶ 

Your laptop may not have enough RAM to run multiple programs at once. Try closing some of the programs to see if it increases your laptop speed.

Computer needs to be restarted ¶ 

Go into the windows menu and select restart or hold the power button until the laptop shuts off. Press the power to turn the laptop back on and see if the issue has been fixed.

RAM needs to be replaced ¶ 

The amount of RAM installed in the laptop may not be sufficient or it could be faulty. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously to open the Task Manager and see how much memory is being used. If it’s above 50% with nothing open, the amount of RAM installed is not enough. Refer to this [invalid guide link] to upgrade or replace the RAM.

Screen will not turn on ¶ 

Netbook is on and running but screen stays completely black.

Laptop needs to be restarted ¶ 

Hold the power button until the laptop shuts off. Press the power to turn the laptop back on and see if the issue has been fixed.

Laptop is not on ¶ 

On the top panel above the keyboard verify that the power light is on. If it’s not, then press the power button to turn the laptop on.

Loose diplay connector or bad screen ¶ 

On the backside of the laptop there is an HDMI port. Plug an HDMI cable to this port and plug it into a monitor or a TV. If the display shows up on the monitor or TV then the issue is the laptop screen. Refer to this [invalid guide link] guide to check the display connector or replace the screen. If a “no signal” message shows up on the monitor/TV, then the issue may be with the laptop itself.


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