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Acer Aspire E5-721-64T8 Troubleshooting

Acer Aspire E5 laptop series was first released in 2015.

Laptop only turns on while plugged in

If your Acer Aspire E5 only turns on while the charger is plugged in, or quickly loses power when disconnected from the charger, the battery has lost its ability to hold a charge. It can be replaced by following the battery replacement guide.

Laptop does not turn on

Ensure that the power adapter is functioning properly. If the adapter light is not on while the power adapter is plugged in, there may be a problem with the power adapter, consider purchasing a replacement.

If the power adapter is functioning, the battery may be faulty and can be replaced by following the battery replacement guide.

Screen not turning on

The laptop is powered on, but the screen remains black.

Your Acer Aspire E5 may be in projector mode accidently. Hold the windows key down and push “P” twice to return display to the screen.

If the screen still doesn’t power on, the display may be damaged and needs to be replaced.

Operating System won’t load after seeing Acer logo upon startup

Hard Drive Issue

There may be an error with your hard drive and there for Windows cannot boot from it. Insert a USB stick or a DVD with the Windows version that you have into the computer and turn the computer on. Run startup repair from the selection menu. After completion of this process your computer should boot properly. If there is an error in the repair process your hard drive is likely corrupted and you will need to replace it and reinstall Windows.

RAM Issue

Your laptop RAM may have been disconnected due to dust getting into its slot or from harsh movement. Open the underside of your computer and locate the RAM. Carefully remove the RAM stick and blow on it with pressurized air as well as their slots in order to remove any dust that may be causing it to disconnect. If you have recently upgraded your RAM, replace with original RAM and see if it boots. If so you’re new RAM is either not compatible or faulty.

USB Ports Not Functioning

You could come across an issue with some of your USB ports not transmitting data or in some cases not even supplying power to your devices. If you notice that the issue is secluded to a single port, then that specific port may be malfunctioning and might need replacement. However, if the issue spans across more than one port (often all of your USB 3.0 ports) the drivers require updating. This is prevalent in users who recently updated to Windows 10, in some cases during the operating system installation the drivers are not properly installed for the USB 3.0 controller.

Slow Responses or Frequent Crashes

If you have a magnetic, spinning drive (HDD or SSHD) your data could possibly be fragmented. This is caused if your drive has not been de-fragmented in some time. This process can be performed through the disk-management portion of your operating system, whether it be Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. If the issue persists even after "defragging" your drive, a new drive (ideally a solid state drive) could possibly fix the crashes. A virus scan to ensure that your computer is not infected with malware is also a great step to diagnosing the root cause of the crashes or slowness.

Touch pad not responding

Your cursor does not respond, to touch but the keyboard is still responding properly.

Your laptop touchpad might be accidentally disabled. Try to enable your touch pad to make it work again. On the Acer Aspire E5 laptop, to enable touchpad you should press the Fn and F7 keys on your keyboard at the same time. If this does not resolve the issue, attach a mouse to your USB port. You may need to update your drivers. Navigate to the device manager, windows key + x, and, inside the device manager click on "mice and other pointing devices". Find the touch pad, open the driver tab and click update driver. If the touch pad still does not respond, it may be faulty and need replacing.


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