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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

ASUS X202E-UH31T Troubleshooting

Try one of the keys. When the one selected is not responding the key could be faulty. Check other keys on the keyboard to ensure it isn't the whole keyboard

If the key is non-responsive, there could be a faulty pressure sensor on the circuit board. If this is the case, consider buying a replacement circuit board.

If the key is sticking, there may be some substance underneath the key causing it to stick. If this is the issue, you can clean the circuit board with a damp cloth or with concentrated air

Power on the computer using the power button. The light indicates that the button is pushed and power is being turned on by the computer. If the light does not illuminate; try plugging the power adapter in. If the light still does not illuminate, you may have a faulty battery. Follow this guide to walk you through a replacement.

The equipment that charges the device might be faulty. Either the cord connecting to the device or the cord connecting to the power supply could be damaged. If this is the case possibly try a new charger.

If the device will power on connected to the charger and the device seems to get power but does not hold the power on its own then the battery might be bad. If the battery is bad then we suggest trying to replace the battery. Use the guide below to change the device's battery.

Once the device is turned on. Try moving the touch mouse by touching the screen with your finger. If this does not respond to your movement, then you may have a faulty touch mechanism in the screen.

If the touch screen is not responding by touch and drag, then you may have a bad touch screen.

This requires you to replace the screen by using this guide to help you along the way

Try moving the touch pad on the computer. If the cursor on screen does not move or respond to your movement, then you have a faulty touch pad. Replace this item by purchasing the touch pad and using this guide to help install the functional one.

If an external drive is connected to the computer and not recognized then you may have a faulty usb port. This port is used to connect multiple devices when one device like a hard drive/ usb drive is connected but not detected by the computer. Use this guide to help replace the faulty port.

If something is plugged into the device but the device is not detecting anything coming from its external ports then that port could be faulty. Use the guide to replacing an external port on the device.

Once the device has been turned on and active for a while, the device will start to heat up. If the internal fan is not working properly, the device will overheat and damage the inside components of the device. Use this guide to see how to replace the internal fan and keep your device from overheating.

If the fan is making a rattling noise or if it seem louder than normal, the devices fan could be broken or not aligned properly. If this is the case, you can buy a replacement fan or you can adjust the fan until it’s aligned again. This guide shows you how to adjust the fan properly.

If the device has been powered on for a long amount of time, the device could overheat. The easiest solution to this problem is to power off the laptop and let it cool down completely before using it again.


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