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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

The display is not responsive or has a static image

Try plugging in an external monitor. If the picture on the external monitor is normal but the display on the laptop is not, then the display on the laptop is bad and will need to be replaced.

If the display looks normal but is just not responding quickly, then the operating system on the laptop is running slowly.

Your computer’s cooling fan is consistently on the highest fan speed

The most common cause is that the cooling fan is obstructed with debris, most commonly being dust. A quick blast of compressed air will clear any obstructions from the fan, allowing for better airflow throughout the system. How to clean the cooling fan

If the fan is clean but is still running loudly, then there must be an intensive process running on the system. You will need to view the processes on the computer and determine which one is the culprit.

Your laptop is being unresponsive or programs are crashing often

There might be a computer virus or a bad program on your system. Make sure to run antivirus or antimalware software on the computer in safe mode and check if it identifies any threats.

Try booting windows from a usb, or try booting the device in windows recovery mode, and try to repair the disk. If that fails, then you can try and reinstall the operating system from windows recovery mode.

If the amount of memory in the system does not or barely meets the minimum requirements of the operating system, then the RAM needs to be upgraded. With more memory, the system should run smoother.

The hard drive may be corrupted. If the hard drive is corrupted, then you need to replace it with any 2.5in SATA Hard drive, or any 2.5in Solid State Drive. Failing Hard drives can can cause the device to run slow, eventually leading to the failure of the drive. One indicator of a failing drive is the drive getting loud, or making clicking sounds. If you hear your drive making sounds, or sounding loud, backup your data immediately and replace the hard drive.

Your computer takes a long time to boot from being off

The RAM used in the laptop may be defective. To test the memory, go to the BIOS and select an option that tests the memory. This test could take a while to complete. If the results claim that there is an issue in the memory, then the RAM will need to be replaced.

If fixing the RAM does not fix the issue, the you need to replace your motherboard. Ensure that you purchase the correct motherboard for your device.

Your computer turns off immediately when the charging cable is unplugged

Make sure that the battery is present and connected to the laptop.

If the battery is present in the laptop, but is not recognized by the computer, then it isn’t connected to the laptop. If the battery is recognized by the computer, then the battery is faulty and must be replaced. Batteries lose their effectiveness over time. In either case, the battery will need to be replaced.

If your power adapter is bad, then the computer will only use the battery for power without charging. Borrow a power adapter or purchase another one and see if that fixes the problem.


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