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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Seat belt won't release ¶ 

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Whenever you pull your seat belt, it won't pull out all the way.

Seat belt is binding ¶ 

It is possible that the belt is just binding on something, if this is the case try manually pushing the seat belt back through the shoulder harness.

Bad shoulder harness ¶ 

If your seat belt is still getting stuck, you will have to replace the shoulder harness through which the belt passes through.

Alternator serpentine belt breaks ¶ 

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"The serpentine belt that runs your alternator breaks apart due to wear and age."

Belt Replacement ¶ 

Replacement of the alternator serpentine belt starts with loosening the locking bolt on the side of the alternator bracket. After loosening the locking bolt, the tensioner bolt can be loosened and the replacement belt can be installed. After the new belt is installed, the two bolts can be retightened to the proper tension.

Headlights won't turn on ¶ 

"Whatever you do, your front headlights won't turn on."

Blown Fuse ¶ 

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Check the fuse box underneath the steering column. Referencing the manual, locate the proper fuse and remove it from the fuse box. If the wire running through the fuse is not continuous, the fuse is broken and needs to be replaced.

Bad Relay ¶ 

It is possible that the relay controlling the headlights has broken. If this is the case, locate the relay in the fuse box in the engine bay of the car. Referencing the users manual, find the correct relay and replace it.

Blown Bulb ¶ 

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A good indication that you have a blown a bulb is that only one headlight is out. Reach behind the headlight inside the engine bay and unscrew the bulb from the headlight. Inspect the bulb to see if the wire has broken and if so replace it.

Faulty Wire ¶ 

If after checking all the other possible failures proves unfruitful, the most likely problem is a faulty wire. Although best left to a professional mechanic, you can bypass the bad wire. Snip the bad wire at the two ends and crimp a new wire to the two ends.

Oil needs to be changed ¶ 

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"After checking the oil dipstick, you discover you need to make an oil change."

Oil and oil filter replacement ¶ 

Locate underneath the engine bay the oil tank. Place a drain pan underneath the tank and unscrew the drain plug to allow all the oil to drain out. Once all the oil has drained, screw the drain plug back into oil tank. Pour new oil into the top of the oil tank and unscrew and replace oil filter.

Door handle broke off ¶ 

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"When you go to pull the door handle, it rips right off."

Replace handle ¶ 

Remove door panel and unscrew old door handle. Install new door handle and re install door panel to original position.


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