• MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Teardown

    Hi, need some advise from you experts.

    I have the older MacBook Unibody 13" and waiting for the arrival of this MacBook Pro 13".

    1) Can I just interchange my 500GB hard-drive in the old machine to this new machine ? Will both still function ?

    2) Both Mac OS is the same 10.5.7 ?

    3) When will iFixIt sell 4GB RAM for this new Unibody ? Apple upgrade is really expensive.

    Thanks guys.

  • MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Teardown

    Thanks Dave, hope it's gonna be alright for you !

    Quote from griffd:

    No! I just through my 500gb drive from my unibody macbook pro into my brand spanking new 13" macbook pro, and when i booted, I am not able to get sound (internal speakers is missing in control panel) and also i noticed the firewire 800 port is not working. I dont know if the firewire port was working before the swap, but i KNOW i got sound. I'm PRAYING that i didn't screw something up because the cover did seem to stick on something in the back-right corner when i lifted it off, but i'm thinking its probably just the drivers. The build number is different even though both drives had 10.5.7 on them.

    Re-installing 10.5.7 on the 13" now (with CD's that came with it) and will let you know what happens.