• Answer to: Can I replace just the LCD screen for the A1369 MacBook Air?

    Your laptop will never be the same after replacement. Pay the money to apple $440.00 + TX, if you really love your laptop. OR, sell this one for parts, Logic board will get you good money and buy a new one.
  • Answer to: suddenly it stoped working

    One of the connections is loose. Check all the ribbons and connectors, make sure the are seated right on the board.
  • Answer to: My games will not lock into place in slot

    There is something stuck inside the slot. Get a flashlight and a pair of small tweezers. There is a small door that closes when there is no game inside the slot. Push that door open and look inside with a flash light and see if there is something stuck inside. If there is pluck it out with the tweezers.
  • Answer to: I replaced the top screen in my DSi XL,

    The ribbon connectors are very sensitive on the DSi's. You have to make sure they are connected snug and close the clip. Also, make sure the ribbon is not pinching somewhere.
  • Answer to: taking out the wifi card in a ps3 slim

    Nope, built in on the motherboard, no way of changing or removing it.
  • Answer to: right eye shows no picture

    Hey Luke, I just fixed one this week. You have to take it apart and reflow the ribbon that creates the picture on that side. It is very simple, make sure and not use too much heat. There is a good video on a tear down and reflow of the ribbons. In the video the guys uses an oven to reflow, but I used a heat gun instead.
  • Answer to: Green light then red light

    Hey, your PS 3 has a problem on the motherboard. Most likely the solder under the GPU Chip has a crack in it.
  • Answer to: DSi XL wont read games without pushing on them.

    Hey Spike, so your pins that read the game have been pushed down, that is why it will work when the game is pushed in all the way. You need to check the pins. Possibly only one or two may need to be replaced or bent back into the correct position.
  • Answer to: DSI microphone does not work

    Hey here are a couple of things you can check. Get a can of air and blow into the mic, to clean it. If that does not work, you can open the back of the Dsi and check to make sure the mic is still plugged in. It plugs into the motherboard next to the Wifi board. If that is fine, then you need to replace the mic. It is a very difficult job.
  • Answer to: umd driver not scanning games

    Hey Eli, you may have to check a few things. Some of the 3000 model PSP's had 2 switches you have to press to get the laser to fire up. One switch is on the side of the lens cage. The other switch is in the middle of the lens cage, near the spindle. With your symptom, 1. Could be the switches. 2. Could be the laser itself is dead. 3. Could be the door is not closing correctly and the umd is not sitting right. 4. Could be the gears that move the lens have jammed up. 5. Rarely, but the motherboard has failed. Hope this helps.