• MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Teardown

    Thanks for the fantastic breakdown, found it really useful before carrying out a few upgrades! (8GB RAM and more recently a new Samsung SSD)

    I was wondering though, is it possible to change the entire logic board in the name of upgrading the processor and graphics card? Is it something which would be advisable?

    On another note I am also having some trouble with my Macbook getting rather hot, particularly whilst streaming video. It's sat on a flat desk with nothing obstructing the air intakes. I generally have an external display plugged in and the lid closed (using a bluetooth mouse and keyboard). The heat appears to be emanating from the logic board, I was wondering wether it's related to the graphics card being overloaded or something. I don't know much about all this stuff so i was wondering wether you have any potential diagnosis? Is it possible to upgrade the fan maybe? Thanks, Rob.