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  • Samsung Chromebook Series 3 Teardown

    Both of my Samsung Chromebooks are on loan to friends, so I will have a hard time verifying your question for a couple of weeks. Please update the teardown as you see fit.

    I can always come back and update the photos (or take new ones) if you like, but it will be delayed.

    If the part you are referring to covering the screen to body hinge? That part actually doesn't need to be removed at all if you are just digging for internals. The screen can stay connected.

  • Samsung Chromebook Series 3 Teardown

    Awesome! It' not my teardown, it's for the community so any addition is a good one :)


  • Samsung Chromebook Series 3 Teardown

    great catch... updated and thanks

  • Motorola Moto X Teardown

    Obviously the phone you tore down was saturated with glue... but I don't think they all are. I've torn down 5-6 of these devices and not run into the glue yet (the back just pops off super clean and easy). The phones I attacked were couple of custom colored ones from the online store and a handful of "developer edition phones". Maybe the glue is just on the stock / mass produced variant?