• Nexus 7 2nd Generation Teardown

    I find wireless charging to be rather useless, a con instead of a pro. First of all, doesn't the base need it's own wire? It does. But instead of removing the wire, which could simply go directly inside the phone, it also adds one more device on your desk. So I don't see how does it really help, especially since is not as optimized as wired charging.

    The best solution, I think, is the charger that uses a usb cable. The charger is smaller than the wireless base (basically a small brick these days), and the removable cable can be used for data transfer, therefore eliminating the need for one more cable. As it is now, wireless charging is not really wireless unless it charges the phone no matter where it is in a given range. 50 meters, for example? Have it in the kitchen, select "charge" on-screen, and it charges from a base situated in the living-room. Untill then, this is just another fancy trend without much use.

  • OnePlus One Teardown

    This daughterboard is home to... the vibrator. What a naughty daughter.

  • PlayStation Vita Teardown

    lolwut, are you serious about the owen part, or just trolling :))))))))))