• MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Mid 2012 Teardown

    - It's basically a MacBook Air Pro. They are confusing the MacBook Pro line by doing this. They are also *#%&#@$ off people like me by jettisoning the 17" MacBook Pro. What I did notice is that they got the prices jacked up so high they now are about the same as an old 17" model fully decked out -- This goes for both the basic and Retina models. Yuck.

    - Also, this is the first full, formal product release since Jobs croaked. It looks like they are taking a turn toward the closed-source side. I don't like the way this Compaq guy is running things. Late 90s Compaqs sucked for various proprietary hardware design and reliability reasons. I don't want new Macs to suck.

    - The score here is basically a ZERO. No Apple computer should ever get a zero on any measure. They are dishonoring Jobs' legacy.