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  • Answer to: Can we make Voice calls in iPad Air 2 cellular model?

    If you have an iPhone with Continuity enabled and an iPad Air/Air 2/ (Any) iPad Mini with Continuity enabled then your phone calls with be transferred to the iPad when you are using it.
  • Answer to: I cant charge it

    Needs a new charge port. If the port is soldered onto the board, i suggest getting a new tablet, however, most of the tablets use a flex with a charge port on it, try finding this flex/daughter board, but be careful, and make sure you bought the correct revision. If you could post pictures of your tablets motherboard (with just the back cover off) then i can tell you if the charge port is something that is soldered or is on a flex/daughter board.
  • Answer to: Logic Board for 3GS?

    These connections are considered pressure connections. I have had this happen on iPads before with new techs, and when that happens sometimes you can rig up something and sometimes you can't. What I did when new techs had this issue was place the tab back into place if i could, take some electrical tape and tape it in place (if you don't have this, then a tiny piece of paper (2 or 3 layers over the metal pins will work). I then would add a few more lays of tape so that when we screwed the LCD back in it would add pressure allowing the connection within the digitizer clip, sometimes i did not need to do this and it would just work without rigging something up. In your case add some lays of tape and then close the phone up and put in the bottom screws, you can keep the phone on while doing this, so you don't have to keep turning it off and back on while opening and closing it, just be very careful, then see if the proximity sensor and ear speaker work, these can be tested with a phone call, the proximity sensor...
  • Answer to: dropped iPhone 4s screen has gone blue with black stripes?

    This is a broken LCD. You will need to take it to a repair shop where they will replace the entire assembly (digitizer, LCD, and glass) or order the part as an assembly (digitizer, LCD, and glass) and replace it yourself.
  • Answer to: Are your displays retina?

    They have to be. If they were different resolutions then the real apple screens then the phone would not work properly and images would be distorted.
  • Answer to: Serial number on main board

    I say take it to the Apple Store and see what they say about it. They may just replace the phone. Also check if it has water damage by opening it up. If so make a complaint with eBay. And there is no serial number on the actual board. I didn't think there was on the 5, 5c or 5s either? If you take it to apple and they replace it I would make a mark on the board and take a picture of it then if you have it sent back again you know if it's yours or not.
  • Answer to: touch screen dont work after changing home button

    For the 4 if the digitizer connection gets scratched or bent bad enough it can cause the screens digitizer to stop working properly. If the flex is okay check the pins like Sophia said to and if those seem good then the board may have be damaged sometimes during the repair.
  • Answer to: Error 16 then 23

    Have you tried DFU mode? Also sometimes a new battery and/or charge port will fix this issue. Other times it may not. If you have not tried a Mac I recommend trying that as it can sometimes bypass the errors you get on a PC.
  • Answer to: when ifixit teardown the ipad air 2?

    They are doing it right now. It is currently live on their site and is still being updated.
  • Answer to: Oil spilled on phone,now I can't make calls

    I have seen issues like this however it was cooking oils that spilled on the phone, but same concept. If i were you i would take the entire phone apart and clean the mother board off, taking any EMI shields off that you can manually, and look to see if any chips have oil on them, if so wipe them off, and i would also take the screen off and wipe down the back of the backlight, the oil will move around and can get into your backlight and then you will have light and dark spots on your screen. I would also check to see what the hair oil is made of, if it have any water in it i would also recommend buying at least 91% isopropyl alcohol which you can get at rite aid, pour a little bit of alcohol out onto a table or in a little up and use a tooth brush to dab it into the alcohol and then gently scrub the board. This will cause any water to evaporate. Also if you think it is necessary wipe down the inside of the phone with a paper towel that has some alcohol on it. Once dry put it back together and see if it works....


  • iPhone 6 Plus Teardown

    iPhone 6 4.7 inch model teardown too? Or only Plus for now? Even thought it's the same internals on the board it's a different design after that.

  • iPhone 5c Teardown

    The iPhone 5C and 5S LCD and Digitizer Assemblies have to be the same. They might have different prox flex's (camera, prox, speaker) but they are both compatible.

  • iPhone 5c Teardown

    No. You would need an iPhone 5S screen assembly.. The connections are in a different place and are different making it so you can not use an iPhone 5 screen on an iPhone 5S/C

  • iPhone 5c Teardown

    Just different chips soldered in the same place on the board. The circuitry is the same for each chip allowing Apple to the same board just different chip.

  • iPhone 5c Teardown

    No unfortunately you can not.. The camera is different. The iPhone 5S has the connection for the camera on the top of the board, and the iPhone 5 has it on the bottom of the board. So the camera connection is on the under side of the 5S and the 5 has it on the top. Also the 5 has the flash connected to it. The 5S does not.