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  • Answer to: Using a PowerPC iMac screen for an Intel iMac

    I am using an external monitor with my iMac Intel 5,1 (EMC2118) after the internal monitor quit. The Mac boots up in extended mode, (2 screens wide) I took it in to the Genius Bar to see if they could switch it over to mirroring the internal monitor. The genius did it with a couple of keystrokes. BUT, the same command (or any others I can find) will not work with MY (original) keyboard or a couple of spares. Apple tech support had no clue what I was talking about. The workaround aln't pretty - I had to blindly find & drag the HD icon from the dead screen to the functioning one, then drill down to the control panel to change the display to mirrored.


  • Valve Adjustment

    Be sure to check and adjust the engine oil level afterward.

    To avoid smoke and odor, remove as much spilled oil as possible from the exhaust manifolds.

  • Harley-Davidson Sportster Evolution Oil Change

    You may be able to use a Form-A-Funnel (Pig Funnel) to catch the oil from the filter.

    IF(!) I owned a Hardley like this, i would keep an eye on the drain hose for deterioration or road debris damage, and probably carry a spare hose. Also, a vandal could loosen the clamp or cut the hose.