• Answer to: silent switch doesn't do anything, always silent

    Oh, I mis-read sorry. A few things to test: 1) Do you get sound when you play something with sound? A song, YouTube, etc? 2) Does the headphone jack work? 3) Has there been any water damage to the phone? 4) If you do not get any sound, your dock needs to be replaced. 5) You may also need to replace your power/headphone/mute harness. Dock and harness should run you about $30, and an hours worth of time. Hope this helps, Xico Solutions
  • Answer to: How to reconnect #3 cable on iPhone 3GS

    Hello, The #3 connector has a little black or white tab on the side opposite where you slide in the connector. You need to gently lift this tab, and then slide in the connector. Without this tab lifted, it wont accept the connection. Once the connector is inserted, press the tab down and it will be secure. Hope this helps, Xico Solutions
  • Answer to: Switches on and off randomly

    Hello, Do us a favor and read the model number on the battery to us. The iphone 3G and 3GS use similar appearing batteries, but vastly different internals. You need to insure the battery you replaced it with is very similar model number to the original (often the last number is off by 1 digit). If it's different anywhere else, you have a 3G battery. This would be my main guess to the problems you are seeing. Hope this help, Xico Solutions
  • Answer to: iPhone 4 bottom broken screws

    Hello, This is a very common mistake, and luckily has a few easy fixes: 1) Try a simple flathead screw driver. Even tho it's rounded, there will still likely be a ridge for it to catch on. 2) We use a cheap screwdriver (ones you get from normal repair kits),put a small dab of super glue on the end of it, attach it to the screw and let dry. This should work to at least loosen the screw. 3) If both those fail, you can drill out the screw head and try the above methods again. The screw may break off the head, which leaves the rest of the screw in the backplate. You can get a new backplate from many online places for as low as $10. Hope this helps, Xico Solutions
  • Answer to: Gevey sim doesn't work after I changed my display

    Hello, A few possible things to look for: 1) The dock has a black cable with a metal push connector that connects right beside the battery plug. Insure this is correctly plugged in. Redo it a few times. 2) The very top, middle screw for the black plate that cover the connectors is a ground. Insure you put the long screw into this spot, and the metal plate has the little silver piece still attached to it. Hope this helps, Xico Solutions
  • Answer to: Can a display screen be repaired?

    Hello, It's honestly not worth trying to repair an old screen. You will likely always have mineral deposits and such within the screen. Consider is a cheap fix for an expensive phone. Hope this helps, Xico Solutions
  • Answer to: Replaced display, but home button is physically stuck

    Hello, Some possible solutions: 1) The home button is not lined up within the frame. The home button has little wings coming off both sides, that need to sit into grooves. 2) If that isn't the problem, then the home button itself is damaged. It is a mechanical switch, and the actuator on the back of the home button is likely damaged. Hope this helps, Xico Solutions
  • Answer to: After taking apart phone, slight pressure on the lcd causes rainbows

    Hello, A quick question, and then a few things to try: 1) Does your screen sit flush with the phone? All the way around? 2) Take the top metal plate off the connectors, use your old screen and simply connect the two connectors. Do not install it, just use your board to boot up the LCD. Does it still rainbow when pressed? 3) Remove all screws from the left side of the logic board, including the battery screw. Your main board will stay in place by your sim card. Do you still get the rainbow? 4) boot you phone up without the back plate on, same issue? Possible solutions: 1) If the above things do not fix the issue, I'd look at your battery and insure it is not bent or warped from being removed. 2) The battery has that little metal protector for the dock antenna connector. You are putting this below the actual battery connector, correct? 3) Take out your main board and screen, does the frame look straight? 4) Upload me pictures of the back of your phone with the cover off. I would like to see how you have it inst...
  • Answer to: iPhone 3GS is restarting every 2 minutes, doesnt matter in any process

    Hello, We see this problem a lot. Possible solutions: 1) Almost certainly, the battery installed is not the correct one. The 3G and 3GS have similar looking batteries, but vastly different components inside them. Please post the model on the battery, and I will tell you if it is correct. 2) If this is not the case, I would suggest swapping the dock out and seeing how it performs after. Hope this helps, Xico Solutions
  • Answer to: LCD Display, could be broken Logic Board

    Hello, Possible solutions for no LCD: 1) When installing, you need to be very careful that the LCD cables are fully pulled through the opening in the frame. Pinching them even the slightest can wreck the cables and result in a non functioning LCD. Recheck that these cables are all the way through. 2) If so, insure the cable are properly seated on the board. Make sure the Back camera's tail is UNDER the two LCD cables. Hope this helps, Xico Solutions