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  • Mac Mini Mid 2011 Teardown

    Is there any hard drive sensor cable this time around? Less small cable to remove/put back = less chance of breaking things! :)

  • Mac Mini Mid 2011 Teardown

    Maybe it has something to do with the Radeon 6630m model? I ordered the Core i7/6630m model, I'll check when I get it and report anything different I see.

  • Mac Mini Mid 2011 Teardown

    Can you check your fan speed RPM? With istat or something like that? I think the max speed is 6000RPM, so let't hope that upgrading the HDD won't give the same problem as the 2011's iMac

  • AirPort Time Capsule A1470 (Mini!) Teardown

    Is the hard drive screwed on, or when you remove the rubber cover and SATA connector it come right out?