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  • Answer to: text on half of display, graphics other half

    The Kindle Paperwhite screen uses e-ink which will keep displaying the last image it was changed to even if the device runs out of power or if the display is disconnected from the rest of the device. Power and input from the paperwhite's processor is only needed to change what is displayed. It is possible that your display is damaged and only part of it is now receiving new information from the processor. This is likely if one part of your display keeps a fixed image while the rest of the display updates to a new page, but it is hard to determine this from your short description of the problem. If you have not already done so try a standard reset. Press and hold the power button on the bottom of your Kindle for 20 to 30 seconds. This will reboot the operating system. Give the device time to work. A reset may take several minutes. For more information about the standard reset and trying a factory default reset, read through this list. If you think you have damaged something internal you may find more troublesh...
  • Answer to: I went through a metal detecter with my paperwhite tablet

    If you have not already tried a standard reset it may solve your troubles. Press and hold the power button on the bottom edge of your Paperwhite for 20 to 30 seconds. This will reboot the operating system. A reboot may take several minutes. If this first step does not solve your problem you can read more about the standard reset and the factory default reset here. If you have important documents saved on your Kindle that are not backed up you should connect the Kindle to a computer with the USB cord and backup any important files. Note that a factory reset will erase everything saved on your Kindle. You should be able to restore any content that you purchased from Amazon as it will be linked to your Amazon account, but third party or personal documents may be lost. If you are still having problems after trying the resets above have a look at the Paperwhite troubleshooting page.
  • Answer to: I am replacing power supply

    If you are looking at this power supply it should be compatible with your EMC 2105 iMac. The compatibility of this power supply includes some G5 and Intel iMacs. EMC 2105 is a 2 GHz Intel Core Duo 20" iMac.
  • Answer to: Is there any way to change the storage?

    The memory for the iPhone 5c is part of the logic board. There is no way to increase the storage capacity without replacing the logic board or doing some rather tricky micro-soldering.
  • Answer to: Low battery warning alert

    If you have any warranty coverage for your device try to have it replaced before attempting any reapir on your own. In addition, it may sound stupid, but try shutting off the Paperwhite and restarting. Hold the power button down until the screen goes completely blank. Then restart it. You could have a malfunctioning wall outlet adapter, a damaged USB cord, a damaged USB port on the Paperwhite, or a bad battery. You will have to swap some things around to find the trouble. If you are charging using a wall outlet adapter try connecting to a computer or laptop with the USB cord, or if you are charging from a computer or laptop try charging from a wall outlet adapter. Try a different USB cord if you have one. If none of this changes anything and if the Paperwhite is not recognized when you plug it into a computer or laptop you may have a damaged USB port on your Paperwhite. Has the cord been yanked while charging? Has the Paperwhite been dropped? Does the USB port feel loose when you insert or remove the cord? A ...
  • Answer to: Can the USB socket be replaced without replacing the motherboard?

    The USB socket is soldered to the motherboard, so it can not be easily replaced without replacing the motherboard. In theory the socket could be replaced with some careful soldering work if you could get your hands on a replacement socket. For someone experienced with replacing small components on circuit boards I'm sure it would be possible, but if you are a beginner with this sort of thing you may do more damage to the circuit board by overheating it. Look closely at the photos in this guide before deciding to try this repair.
  • Answer to: Can you reuse the double sided adhesive holding the glass panel down?

    Replacing just the glass cover on your display assembly is a difficult task. If you have not already, take a look at this guide. The procedure for removing the display assembly from the computer will be different on a MacBook Pro 13" mid 2012, but the procedure for separating the front glass is the same. iFixit doesn't sell the front glass or the adhesive anymore. A quick internet search for "MacBook Pro 13 display glass" turned up several sources, and some of them, have adhesive included. It is very unlikely that the old adhesive will be in any shape to reuse when you get the old glass off. It is an easier but far more expensive repair to replace the whole display assembly. Replacing just the glass requires tons of patience removing the broken pieces and all the left over adhesive, and the result may not be aesthetically pleasing. Getting it all back together like the original assembly with no lumps can be challenging. Good luck on your repair!
  • Answer to: Will replacing the upper case fix my problem?

    Unfortunately, the answer is maybe. Replacing the upper case is not an easy repair. Have a look at this guide if you are thinking of doing it. Read through all the steps so you get an idea of what you are getting into. Whether this would fix the problem depends on how much liquid got into the guts of your machine and how far it went. You won't know that answer until you open the case. If the liquid is only in the keys and track pad you may be in luck and the repair should fix the problems. On the other hand, if you find the logic board and other components covered in sticky residue you may have corrosion happening in the connectors between parts. If you want to give this repair a try read this guide too. If liquid got all the way down into the little connectors, turning on and using your computer before doing a thorough cleaning may be encouraging more corrosion. So if you think you are up for the repair do it sooner rather than later and leave the computer off until you can do the cleaning.
  • Answer to: Does the 2014 MBA use the same display as the 2013 MBA

    The display assembly for the 11-inch Mid 2013 and Early 2014 MacBook Airs share the same part number. Aside from the logic boards the internal parts for these two models are the same and/or are interchangeable. I have not had the opportunity to check the part numbers between the 13-inch Mid 2013 and Early 2014 models yet, but I expect to find the same result.
  • Answer to: logic board interchangeability with 13"

    Unfortunately, the logic boards are quite different between the two case sizes and are not interchangeable.


  • Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Screen Replacement

    The connectors for the display assembly flex cables each have a delicate lever tab that flips up to release the flex cable and the cable slides out of a slot under the lever tab. To reinstall, the black lever tab should be up and the flex cable can then slide under the tab. When the flex cable feels like it is inserted as far as it will go fold the lever tab down flat over the cable. The yellow tape is typically installed after the cable is in place and the lever is closed. The tape provides some insurance that the lever will stay down and the flex cable stays in place.