• Answer to: CMOS (BIOS) battery flat?

    According to my research this is the motherboard for the A6JC. I found the image on a popular auction site and blurred out the manufacturer name. The battery holder has a red arrow pointing to it. Just across from the holder is a connector you may be able to identify. I believe that connector to be internal, but if external would be on the left side of the netbook, screen facing you. I believe, looking at the laptop and placement of the other I/O, the battery is to the left of the touchpad under the case where your palms typically rest.
  • Answer to: CMOS (BIOS) battery flat?

    Dean: For some reason the picture of your laptop isn't displayed. Could you name the manufacturer and model instead? The CR2032 is a coin-cell. It looks like a fat quarter. About the same diameter as that coin, but slightly thicker. Typically there's a small housing soldered to the motherboard that the battery slips into. If you find it and replace the battery I suggest you avoid a very popular and heavily advertised battery brand (think bunny beating a drum) and go with a Japanese company that starts with a "Pana" and ends the word for sound. Heh heh heh. This brand lasts at least three times longer than the bunny brand.
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    My wife was yaking on her 8330 while getting a manicure. Guess what ended up in the nail soaking bowl? Yup! I happened to be with her and the manicurist handed me her phone. The screen looked like a fish-less aquarium. I immediately removed the battery (not bothering to power down the phone) and shook out what water I could. I did not disassemble it. I wanted to try the following first. Once we got back to the hacienda. I took an empty eight ounce disposable tumbler and put about 1/4 cup of white rice on the bottom. I then pressed the bottom of the phone into the rice in the tumbler (sans back and battery of course) and covered the rest of the phone with rice to the rim of the glass. I think it was about a cup and a half of dry uncooked rice. I let it sit there for three days and then removed the phone, shook out the loose rice, and put the battery back in. It booted up and everything worked fine. The rice is hygroscopic; it readily absorbs water. I will admit to holding my breath when I powered it back up. I...


  • Motorola Atrix 4G Teardown

    I'm glad someone has the balls to clearly state that 4G DOES NOT EXIST!

    When, and only when, there are transfer rates in the gigabit range there will be 4G.