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  • Answer to: How do I un-disable my iPod

    You might first try this: http://forums.ilounge.com/ipod-touch/221806-how-unlock-itouch-2.html#post1382018 But if that doesn't work, this will: http://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/4760/...
  • Answer to: Why my lighter and stereo wont work thwy dont have power

    There is definitely a fuse. Check this: http://hondaaccordforum.com/forum/archiv...-1759.html
  • Answer to: EEE Slate EP 12.1 Upgradeable

    Yes, they can. Please refer to this partial teardown: http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/ep121-slate/38468-look-inside-ep121.html
  • Answer to: new battery, dies everytime mower is stopped.

    From the ignition switch, follow one of the red wires to a fuse holder. Check that fuse and replace it if necessary. Check the other red wire and follow it to a 3-pin connector. Make sure that connector is fine, and then keep following the wire to a diode. If everything else is good, then you might try replacing that diode. It might be internal to the motor, though. I found the parts diagrams for your mower by searching for murray + the model number. They showed the wiring diagram. You can also get replacement parts there.
  • Answer to: What can I do to release the sim tray?

    Edit: Victor's idea of using a 0.1mm metal feeler gauge looks like the best solution. It needs to be inserted into the side closer to the screen. If there's any room to slide a piece of paper or mylar plastic between the top of the tray and the slot, then that piece of paper or plastic may help prevent the card from hitting the side of the case. You might try shoving the plastic in deeply, the pulling on it a little as you try to release the card. Also, have you tried holding the iPad with the screen facing up while trying to release the tray? If you look at the first picture in the iPad 2 3G/CDMA teardown, you'll see what the problem can be. If you made the card a millimeter too short, the SIM spring contacts will push the SIM up against the chassis and prevent it from ejecting. You'll need to find some way to shove something, whether flat like paper or perhaps something like a stiff thin wire, into the space between the tray and the slot and use it to keep the card's front edge down as it is ejected. If the...
  • Answer to: Where is the GPS in CDMA iPad?

    Apparently, the Qualcomm MDM6600 performs that function. At least, that is what everything thinks (as shown by a web search).
  • Answer to: Need to get into DFU mode - broken home button

    First, I'd try to diagnose the home button a little. If you hold multimeter probes to the button contacts, does the meter register any continuity when you press the home button? If so, then the switch itself works, and you need to try and clean the contacts. Otherwise, you can get a replacement front panel pretty cheaply (not including the LCD). Short of that, though, you might try just lifting the front panel up just enough to touch the mating contact points with a metal object to short them together (ie, this should electrically be the same as pushing the button). If you look at step 3 of any of the guides, you should see the two gold squares between the fingers of the left hand; those are the button's mating contact points.
  • Answer to: How to open Seagate ST90000U2-external hdd case & remove drive

    I had a case like that; I believe I was able to remove the screws using a small flat screwdriver that was able to fit tightly enough into the screw head. Once I removed the screws, I replaced them with regular phillips head.
  • Answer to: How can I fix a garbled e-ink screen?

    Screen problems like you describe could be due to the flex cable not making proper contact with the circuitry on the glass layers. This may or may not be easily fixed, depending upon how the cable is attached. Sometimes there's just a clamp that requires more pressure. But usually it's bonded with adhesive, and this may be impossible to deal with without specialized equipment. But if you are able to open up the device and still have it operable, sometimes you can just try squeezing on different parts and see how that affects it.
  • Answer to: Problem with the Canon PowerShot A80 Digital Camera

    If the new pictures you take don't look right, then this sounds like a CCD imager failure. Canon has an on-going free repair program for this. See this link: http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/support/co... However, if the new pictures you take look okay, then you've got another problem.


  • MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Early 2015 Teardown

    I'll give you big kudos if you can wind that coil back up and have it work again.

  • Xbox 360 Kinect Teardown

    Note that the depth-sensing camera appears to use a screw-in manual focus lens, while the color camera has an auto-focus mechanism for its lens. This is probably because the depth image only needs to be good enough for the image processor, while the color image will be seen by users (and MS wanted it to be nice & sharp).

  • Xbox 360 Kinect Teardown

    Also note that the "IR projector" is actually an IR laser with a diffuser over it that creates a random-dot pattern all over your living room (search YouTube: Kinect night vision). The depth camera is used to measure the dot displacement (from its known pattern) to calculate the depth over the image (WIPO Patent WO/2007/043036). A laser is required so that the projected pattern is always in focus. Since the projector is a laser, I'm guessing that its flex cable has safety features to shut it off as soon as you start taking apart the Kinect's housing.

  • Xbox 360 Kinect Teardown

    You're missing the back-side images of this board & the next one.

    For a moment I was confused and thought the next image was the back of this one. I couldn't see how the boards attached (electrically) to each other.

  • Mac Mini Mid 2010 Fan Replacement

    A standoff is like a screw extender. It screws into a screw-hole, and its head has a screw hole on it. When you attach something to a standoff, it makes that something stand off the original screw-hole surface.

  • iPad Mini Wi-Fi Teardown

    I think they are getting a little more impatient in their teardowns.

  • MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2012 Teardown

    Yes, but compare the area of two side-by-side DIMM sockets & modules vs. that of just the chips, and you'll see why the Air doesn't use DIMMs. (And compare that area to that of the entire motherboard.)

  • MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2012 Teardown

    Are you going to attempt to tear down the screen assembly?

  • iPhone 4S Teardown

    Urban dictionary? Aside from the fact that anybody can write anything there, most of the entries agree that "sike" is a misspelling of "psych". And "psyche" is pronounced "sikee", and it's a different concept.

  • iPhone 4 Teardown

    I believe I read that it is a contact sensor of sorts that detects when the phone is held up to your head (to turn off the display and prevent false presses on the touch screen).