• iPhone 3G Headphone Jack Replacement

    In tight places like this, I found a teense bit of Elmers spotted on the screw head and allowed to dry a few secs to the driver, helps to stabilize the way in.

  • iPhone 3G GPS Antenna Replacement

    I found that removing the camera "mount" first was easier to get at the antenna housing.

  • iPhone 3G Rear Case Replacement

    On the way back, CAREFULLY align the mic and speaker port into the shell and the screw pass thrus as well.

  • iPhone 3G Rear Case Replacement

    Up and running after rear enclosure replacement. Good guide.

    Time consuming, learning as you go.

    Lost the Mute button and forgot to transfer the bezels for phones and camera.

    Next trip in.

  • iPhone 3G Battery Replacement

    When removing the logic board, a slight push towards the top of the phone, will "unclip" the bottom edge of the logic board near the "Do Not Remove" screw.

    When reinserting the logic board, there is a tab in the top edge of the rear shell case that the edge of the logic board goes under. It is the edge closest to the camera.

    Without this "comfortable" fit, you won't be able to get the SIM in.

    The camera itself also has an element of "comfortable" Fit.

  • iPhone 3G Battery Replacement

    I found removal of the batt was easier to accomplish by prying slightly and slowly around, starting from the edge opposite the Volume control.