• Answer to: i5 processor replacement and processor embedded

    Hi, It depends on the type, model, made of the processor. Some of Intel Mobile processors (laptop processors) are embedded, some are not. Upgradeable or not depend on many factors, such as processor, motherboard/logic board, etc. Based on my knowledge, embedded means soldered/attached on the motherboard/logic board and cannot be removed. Because of the limited space available on some laptop computers, some manufacturers have to choose this kind of processor. I suggest this link for more info.: You may find more information about those two types of processors and probably more information about the ECC memory. For some reasons, it doesn't matter if the processor supports ECC memory, the Apple laptop computer may or may not support that feature if the Apple doesn't want the laptop to support such feature, just like what they do with the 64-bit processing/kernel on most Apple laptop computers. Hope this helps answering your questions. Regards, CHB
  • Answer to: Screen blank and unresponsive after water damamage!

    Hi Alex, First question to you: Is your iPod touch still covered by the Apple Warranty? You can check that by going to this link: and enter the iPod serial number found at the back of the iPod. If it's still covered, I suggest taking it to the Apple Genius Bar to see if they can do something for you. You don't need to tell them about the water incident. They have the way to know if they want to, but some agents are nice and won't care much about that, I hope. If it's NOT covered. I suggest do some more research about that same kind of problem on the Internet to learn about chance of getting it fixed before buying any parts to do the repair. Water damage can be severe and may damage more than just the screen and the digitizer part. For me, if spending on the parts may cost a lot and the chance of getting it fixed is slim, I'd just save money and buy a new one if I were you. Sorry if this won't help much. Regards, CHB
  • Answer to: Earbuds only come thru in one speaker.

    Hi guys, Because the headphone jack is attached to the logic board (soldered on the logic board), replacing the headphone jack might require special tools and extreme care. It might not be a good idea to do that unless you have all the necessary tools and are willing to take the risk. check this link on Step 10: iPod Touch 1st Generation Logic Board Replacement Dave, I agree with Bac that it sounds as if few connectors inside the headphone jack got loose or bent. You can check inside the headphone jack using a small keychain flashlight to see if it's true. You might find something tiny but strong enough to bend the connector back to its normal condition if the connector's bent. I know it's not that easy to do, but that's all I know. Hope you can get it back to work normally. Regards, CHB
  • Answer to: Will the iPod Touch 2G screen fit a 3G (32 GB) Touch?

    Hi Korso, According to iFixit teardown of the iPod Touch 3G 32GB (link: iPod Touch 3rd Generation Teardown), I don't think you can use the screen for the 2G to replace the 3G. The third bullet point of the Step 4 of that teardown mentioned that the screen and digitizer of the 3G 32GB iPod Touch are not the same as the previous generation one. It's sad that Apple charges a lot for their service. Hope iFixit gets the part in stock soon.


  • MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 Teardown

    W801480XAGU - MacBook Pro 15-inch Mid-2010 - Limited Warranty

    Telephone Technical Support: Active

    Your product is eligible for complimentary telephone technical support during the first 90 days.

    Estimated Expiration Date: July 13, 2010

    Repairs and Service Coverage: Active

    Your product is covered for eligible hardware repairs and service under Apple's Limited Warranty.

    Estimated Expiration Date: April 13, 2011

    Thought it was fun to check the warranty on the MacBook Pro iFixit worked on.

    Thank you so much to iFixit, especially to Luke and Kyle for great idea and great repair guides! iFixit, vFixit, We save the World!