• Do I need to add thermal compound?

    Hi I am about to perform an installation of a new logic board in my machine, and when I pulled the old one out, I noticed the...
  • Why is my power adapter fuse blowing?

    Hi I have a PowerBook G4 15" 1.67Ghz model A1138. The power adapter keeps blowing it's fuse every time I plug it in. When I p...


  • Answer to: help with damaged IC identification

    Not sure about the first, but the second picture is the Magsafe DC in jack (the power in module), part number 820-2361-02, and there is one for sale on eBay here: ;o)
  • Answer to: What airport card will work with this iBook?

    You can get one of these from iFixit here: And there is a guide to fit it to, here: iBook G4 14" 1.42 GHz AirPort Extreme Card Replacement
  • Answer to: No sound from PowerBook G4 17" internal speaker after HDD change

    Your issue is very likely to be that system 10.6 is not compatible with PowerBooks. 10.6 is designed only for Intel machines, not Power PC's. This is how to check....boot your PowerBook off an install disc, preferably 10.4 Tiger, and see if you have any audible bloops when you increase and decrease the volume.
  • Answer to: Will not boot

    I repeatedly had this issue after installing OSX 10.5 and then upgrading it to 10.5.8, eventually I realised that I had only 256MB of ram in the machine, so I swapped it for 1GB, and it booted up straight away. Also worth bearing in mind is that if one of the RAM slots has disappeared, as they do, this may leave you with only 256MB of RAM where you thought you had more! Another way to check what is happening is to boot while holding down Apple key and the letter 'V', this will boot the computer in verbose mode, which will allow you to see how far the machine has got, and if it has stalled.


  • MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150 Battery Replacement

    If you don't have any plastic bags, you can always print out the photos in black and white as you go, and then tape the screws on to the print outs over the circles that denote the screw positions in the photos. This method helps get every single screw back in it's exact location, even months after a tear down. ;o)