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  • Retina Macbook 2015 Teardown

    Would you please measure the logic board? I'd like to know how small it actually is.

  • Mac Mini Late 2014 Teardown

    I think Apple was going for the simplest solution with the least amount of connections that could become loose. With the security screws, Apple obviously doesn't want anyone inside even though it appears to be easy to replace the hard drive, power supply, and fan. I see this as a commodity item where you replace instead of repair. I know that doesn't fit the mold of iFixit but at least they didn't glue it shut. If this model becomes the replacement for server farms, I would like to know how many Mac mini's are actually repaired when they fail and how many are simply replaced with new ones and fired back up (old ones either repaired or tossed).

  • Mac Mini Late 2014 Teardown

    Sorry, didn't notice it was a security bit.

  • Mac Mini Late 2014 Teardown

    That's weird. I use a Torx 6 a lot. Maybe not on Mac equipment but other devices.

  • Amazon Fire TV Teardown

    Your conclusion doesn't match your email: "A stylish — yet hard to disassemble — black box full of fairly ordinary components. It was a doozy to take apart, and quite repair-unfriendly given that a single board holds all the vital components." You still give it a 6 yet your email makes it sound more like a 2. There's nothing to repair in the box, all you can do is replace the entire board.

    As for the possible RFID sticker, I'd look into that a bit more. I see no reason to include something like this in manufacturing but Amazon could have ulterior motives with this device and even though it isn't attached to anything, it doesn't have to be. It could activate with a wireless signal and send data back over WiFi to Amazon.

  • HP Z820 Teardown

    Does the HP come with a hand truck? Yes, everything is included in one giant box, whether you need it or not and everything pulls out without any screws but does this really make a good computer? I worked on cheap PCs that didn't use screws and wish they did because after they were moved a couple times, everything came loose. As for the power supply in this monster (either an 850W or 1125W available, that comes out to 7-9.3A), it would almost require a dedicated circuit to operate properly. I'd hate to see how hot this box runs as well. The late 2013 Mac Pro's max power usage is 270W and 921BTU/h. Part of iFixit's charter was supposed to be reduced use of energy isn't it? This monster is anything but power efficient so I'd put an asterisk by your repairability score and mention its high power usage, high cooling requirements, and heavy weight (most businesses have a two-person rule for lifting something this heavy).

  • Mac Pro Late 2013 Teardown

    Apple answered my question today with a posting on their website:

    It can be put on its side.

    As for the MacStadium, I'd rather see the MPs installed within a ring enclosure (like a wine rack) allowing the maximum amount of airflow around them.

  • Mac Pro Late 2013 Teardown

    Everybody wants to know if the new Mac Pro can be run on its side or at least tilted (for some kind of rack mounting). If you put the MP back together, can you see if the fan works properly? You mentioned the probability of it being balanced. What happens if it's tilted 45 degrees?

  • iPhone 5c Teardown

    I wonder if the case is made out of plastic because it can be manufactured easier than the aluminum case. The video showing the injection molding, CNC detailing and drilling (aluminum can handle a much smaller hold than plastic since it doesn't melt at a low temperature), and robots "gluing" and placing the (probably stamped) steel antenna frames should be less expensive and faster to do than milling an aluminum block and finishing it. This process can be done in any country. I'd like to see how the individual components are added. It would be really fantastic if Apple were able to construct a robot and parts that could be totally put together my machine instead of requiring tiny hands to place tiny components and insert even tinier screws.

  • iPhone 5c Teardown

    I'd much rather have the insides of my phone secured to the point where they don't fall apart in normal use. I believe that is why Apple is using glue. They don't want people coming in with phones with tiny connectors that fell apart when a little bit of glue would have kept them in place forever. I know iFixit stresses repairability but I'd rather have a device that doesn't require repairs every five minutes.