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    You have to be slightly careful with the WD Caviar Green drives, sometimes the firmware on them isn't compatible with the Time Capsules and so they don't spin down during idle time. They may have solved this problem now, but it was a problem with the older smaller capacity drives. That's why I ended up with a Samsung EcoGreen. Would be interested in finding out how you get on with your 3TB WD drive!
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    Man, I wish I'd known that I would have to copy the files off before removing the hard drive. Who'd have thought that the drive wouldn't be readable connected to another device! Problem with the "just copy files onto your internal hard drive" is that when you have Time Machine backup files for several machines, it's very likely you won't have a hard drive big enough to copy the files onto... Catch-22! So I've just started backups from scratch... Once it's done successfully then I'll wipe the old drive and use it for something else.


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    Quote from hellraiser:

    didnt you mean to say " yes, there isnt......" since the first person wrote " there is no battery indicator" -is it jusst me or is my english suggestion wrong?

    Pedantic, and unfortunately incorrect. The sentence was a statement, then the second person said "no" in agreement. Besides if you change the original statement into a question: "is there no battery indicator?" then the answer would still be "no there isn't."

    And since we're being pedantic, "is it just me or is my English suggestion wrong" is basically tautological. Yes it's just you, and yes your English suggestion is wrong. You should write "is it just me or is that statement wrong?".