In May 2013, through liquid damage, I lost my fairly new MacBook Mid 2012 laptop. I brought it to the apple dealer and found out as a result it could not be saved. The Horror!!! I was forced to purchase another MacBookPro that instant, there went my budget for my planned summer trip. I vowed never to drink any beverages around my computer and bought myself some Contigo containers for my future beverages. However, since then, I have spilled some liquids near my laptop despite the new precautions through other methods.

Albeit, she has her own lovely macbook, the love of my life loves to utilize my laptop. She still managed to spill some liquid onto my latest laptop, despite all the precautions. However, thankfully as far as i know there was no damage (Knock on wood). This event made me realize i need to purchase some tools "just in case" I happen to accidentally spill liquids onto my computer. In addition, I'd like to revamp my old laptop, and use this site as a means to do so. Thank you.