I can fix a little bit of everything, not a whole lot of anything!

By trial and error, luckily or maybe not...it's been on my own products. From tractors to watches, electric tools to washing machines and dryers, from BMW's to bicycles.

And now I'm trying to salvage my 2008 MacBook 2 Core Duo, upgraded to G4 MacBook Pro from spilled dripped or spit ice/hot tea, coffee, haven't a clue. Didn't even know it until I turned it on a got the maybe even worse than blue screen.....nada, nothing, zip and zero. Only green light on charge was my good fortune. Now it's apart whilst I and the rest of you good people tell me how to get rid of any sticky stuff that might be under the little holes on mother lode, more commonly know as the OUCH Logic Board!

Hoping it will work!

Went to college then med/grad school, haven't killed anyone yet but have cut, skinned myself up pretty good. Then went to a community college to learn how to repair small engines.

Will update on my new laptop repair technician status if its successful.