Well I am still in school. I love anime, animals and more, I love drawing, gaming, fighting and listening. You will not learn my real name unless I get to know you ^^ ''Kay? I am planing on being a Vet, or something along thouse lines..I was in band, love/hate it...I guess I am an OK artist, prefer drawing and sketching over painting. I love books and if you know me you would probably see my head in a book almost 24/7. I have had problems in the past but I am looking forward in changing it. I have this amazing guy that is my best friend, sadly me and him hardly talk anymore...I use to cut, smoke (cigs) and drink...I stopped ''''^^ uh I would love friends and I hate secrets! That's why I put that stuff on here...sorry If I ran you off ^.^?? Anyways~! Hit me up if you want more~!''

Yahoo: earthybaby9@yahoo.com

Hotmail: earthybaby9@live.com