I am Visual Communications and Design major with a Spanish minor. I am currently in my senior year and hope to graduate in the fall of 2017. I have attended Eastern Washington University (EWU) since the spring of 2015. I transferred from two different schools, Big Bend Community College and Evangel University, however, this is the first university that I have studied any type of design. Having attended EWU for the last two years I have gained many skills. My skills in photography, graphic design and visual aesthetics will be a great advantage to this project. These skills will be valuable by being able to produce a clean, readable and visually appealing completed project. I have some experience with assisting in repairs of various kinds (large or small), using tools and following a set of instructions to help me complete what needs to be accomplished. My previous knowledge will benefit this project by knowing basics and being ready to dive into newer and possibly more difficult tasks.