My name is Frederick Llorente and I am currently a junior Electrical Engineering major. I am also taking Microeconomics and Calculus IV this quarter along with one of my engineering classes. This is my first year at EWU after transferring from Southern Oregon University. After two years at SOU I decided to transfer here to finish my major because SOU cut off their physics and engineering programs. I plan to graduate after the Spring of 2019 since some of my credits didn't transfer well from SOU.

Some skills I have that will be valuable for the project are my great organization skills and my experience with hands-on DIY projects. I feel like my organization skills will help keep our team focused on their tasks and allow us to complete the project smoothly. Also, I really enjoy hands-on projects. This summer I built my own personal computer without any prior knowledge on how to do so. By watching videos on YouTube, I was able to teach myself all the components to a computer and how to put them together. I feel like these skills will really help when completing the troubleshoot guide.