I am major in Electrical Engineering mainly study in microelectronics. I started my EWU studying in 2014. Up till now, I have been studying in Eastern Washington University for 3 years. I joined in a double-degree program to study both in China and the USA and then get degrees from both universities. I am graduating in 2017 spring. I have good understanding about how hardware components work and programming language. I had a capstone project experience building a Solar-tracking System and from it, I realized that study is a long run. I also had an experience doing a project called "Water Level Detection System". I believe that those experience would benefit me when I face some similar problems in the future. I love DIY by myself very much. I am good at working with processor and sensors. It is pleased when I finish each project and make them working. Troubleshooting is always a big challenge in every of my project. So that, in this class, I would love to learn how to write troubleshooting guide in order to tell others about my DIY journey.