I am currently studying to major in Electrical Engineering, and depending on how soon I reach that goal, I might attempt to minor in Physics. This is my first year at EWU, but I plan on graduating by 2019 because I took two years of running start in high school; I graduated high school with my AA degree. For the most part, I have good/okay writing skills, so that should come in handy while working on this project. Also, I work well with others.

I've done a few DIY projects in the last few years, including a couple of benches that I made out of recycled metal, snowboards, and old hockey sticks. I wouldn't say that I am super good with tools and building things, but I have a good understanding of how to use them. I also followed a Youtube video about four years ago that showed me step by step how to replace a screen on an iPhone 4, which I was successful with - I think that knowledge might help me with the project because most, if not all, of iFixit is about electronics. To replace that screen I had tiny screws and iPhone parts all over the place and somehow put it back together.