I like nearly everything 20th century. Especially music.

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I don't really specialize in any piticular repair field, but I try to get the drone questions when available.

"Never give up, Never surrender!"

-Galaxy Quest

"Never take broken for an answer!"


"To fix or not to fix; what is the solution?"

-William Fixspeare

"It takes time to craft your answer making abilities. Second, like seriously none of these people even come back. They just post and then continue to google how badly they've messed up, or don't want to spend money. People have been coming to me for years, and they're upset. They say it's money, but it's really about responsibility. They don't want to pay for something they've done. Anyways these people don't come back, and thus it's kinda difficult for your answers to get accepted. We all need to continually work on our craft, so don't worry, it will come in time to you too."

A great guy, -theimedic

@oldturkey03, @mayer, and @theimedic have been great influences to me on iFixit, and to anyone else reading this, let them do the same for you.

The last note:

"Judge not that ye not be judged"

Matthew 7:1-3