My name is Dominic and I am a Junior at Eastern Washington University studying Visual Communication and Design. This is my third year at Eastern and I am on track to graduate in the spring of 2018. In my free time I love to run and go to any music festival that I can get ahold of in my free time. I am currently taking numerous visual communication design classes such as typography, VCD 1, and web design this fall. I currently work on campus as a program specialist for Eagle Entertainment who specifically coordinates comedy and lecture events. When it comes to design this is where I can contribute the majority of my skills. I have an eye for layout and what looks aesthetically pleasing for any audience. I have strong organization skills and a strong leadership mentality in a group setting. When it comes to doing repairs on electronics I really have not had a lot of experience doing such a thing. The most I have ever done is get rid of viruses on my computer and that’s about it. Being a part of ifixit I hope that my repair skills get better and that I will be able to soon fix electronics on my own as well.