Electronics is my career and hobby!


I am and Electrical Engineer by trade. Decided to study my M.S. in Biomedical Engineering which I recently completed. Now pursuing my PhD for fun.

How did I get into the repair business?

One of my friends broke her iPhone and decided to give it a shot. I loved the experience and kept doing it on the side while going to school.

A few months later I opened my first shop in Memphis, TN and it has been a very fun experience. Now I own a few shops and recently opened STS Parts. I believe in repairing and recycling. STS Parts focuses on LCD refurbishing and have full refurbishing lab in Cordova, TN. We sell small machinery and supplies to other shops to pursue our Recycling goal!

STS Parts has recently opened its Board Repair Services (Mail-ins), Board Repair Store (for micro soldering pros and hobbyists), and has plans to open other services to help other shops and hobbyists.

You are welcome to check out our website at www.stsparts.us!

You can contact me at cs@stsparts.us