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  • iPhone 1st Generation Antenna Cover Replacement

    Great Guide.

    My dad banged his iPhone in a table after arguing with someone and got the aluminum cover next to the volume control bent in such a way as it got the volume control stuck in the max position. I used this guide to remove all parts out of the way so I can get the shape of that region and corrected it the "Han Solo" Way. It was an excellent opportunity to get the phone cleaned up as well

    The biggest problem I had was screwing some of the screws back. The screwdriver that I had was not magnetized, so I used a little bit of superglue to bind the screw and the screwdriver until I had it screwed tightly.

    The second biggest problem I had was that I lost a screw twice, but was lucky enough to find it quickly on the floor next to me.

    I am very happy as I waited more than a month to get the confidence to get this iPhone repaired.