• iPhone 3GS Teardown

    You guys know who made the image sensor? Trying to figure out if it's OmniVision's TrueFocus camera since DSCs don't even seamlessly macro focus like the iPhone's does.

    Nice job!

  • iPhone 3GS Teardown

    Quote from blufire:

    Sony's DSCs have had that feature for a while now (at least half a year?)

    Ah, I missed that. Thanks! You know the model?

    Still, I'm wondering how that feature is being crammed into a max 0.4" module height. Surely, there'd be other phones with the same capability. 1/4" 3mp is pretty old hat. EETimes says it's a 3mp OmniVision autofocus module, but that could mean any number of chips including the TrueFocus one.

    It just seems that if the DigiTimes rumor is fully true (which 1/2 seems to be), that Apple will be using OmniVision's 5mp TrueFocus also since that's the only one available for the 1/4" form factor (would they really use 1/3"? can it fit?), I'm wondering why they wouldn't use the 3mp version of TrueFocus, too.

    PS It looks like there's no curvilinear distortion in the iPhone's pics. Am I just seeing things?

  • iPhone 3GS Teardown

    Quote from Latente:

    i need more detail on the camera?

    is from OmniVision? there are a OV630 image processor?


    Well, EETimes says it's an OmniVision 3mp autofocus.

    This really doesn't help much, considering the wide variety of abilities inherent in a Wavefront Coded system such as the TrueFocus product line (1/4" 3mp and 1/4" 5mp) and the wide variety of 1/4" 3mps that OmniVision offers. I still can't find a cameraphone-class module that focuses in the way that iPhone does (into and out of macro mode seamlessly), so TrueFocus seems the most logical explanation. Also, this may be poor estimation on my part, but it looks like the iPhone 3gs has no curvilinear distortion, implying TrueFocus again.

    PS The 2-chip TrueFocus solution is all but dead. It looks like the 5mp TrueFocus may be adopted by some unnamed future Apple device and Storm 2. Who knows?