• Palm Pre Teardown

    You have two major errors in the blockdiagram and the PCB info here:

    The TriQuint Cellband PA-Duplexer in the new small 7x4mm package is completely missing in your list and the block diagram! It is TriQuint part number TQM613026A. (You call it a "Duplexer" only, which is wrong.

    The Avago PCS band part is a larger and older PA-Duplexer Module in 8x5mm package called AFEM-7738 (not FEM-7788), see:

  • iPhone 3GS Teardown

    Can you publish a high res picture of the other side of the logic board showing the open shildings where the bluetooth parts are? I can see two still shielded areas there on the left side and on the top side of the PCB.