• Palm Pre Teardown

    Does anybody know what the copper coil does that is on the back panel? See photo above (step 23) lower right corner.

  • Palm Pre Teardown

    Quote from kyle:

    That copper coil on the back panel that comes with the Touchstone charging kit. We talk about it in our touchstone teardown.

    Thanks Kyle. when I saw the coil I thought of it but I wasn't sure. I just saw the latest Brink on TV and they mentioned it: the Pre's wireless charging. It's funny that electric toothbrushes got that feature 10 years ago (though a little simpler) and we see it just now appearing in a very obvious application. It looks like that all the engineers who wanted to do this "stuff" (keyboard, wireless charging...) at Apple (and weren't "allowed) went to Palm... It will be interesting to find out what these "big old boys" carriers and other old-style companies (Nokia, Moto....) will come up with when they propose the new "standardized" charging solution for our cells. It should be wireless! Maybe Palm is going to set some standards again (for a while). I hope the Pre will be doing well. We need competition. Otherwise the iPhone will just fade away with its next iteration...nothing much new this year as we found out today.