• Palm Pre Teardown

    also if you didnt notice there is no offset from the slide upper to the top of the first row of keys of the QWERTY is pretty much zero. This is a very bad design as it gives no room for your finger to press that row....can get awkward.

  • Palm Pre Teardown

    also, could you please post a teardown of the keypad itslef:

    -what is the backlight method (side fire LED w/ light guide, or EL)

    -is the keypad a single film or singulated

    -are the actuators pucks on the EL or the keypad film/keycaps

    -how many dimples do the popples have (i assume 3-4) you know the actuation force?

    -how is the keypad tactility?

    -how do you find the backlighting brightness?