• Kindle 2 Teardown

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    Just wanted to add a couple of comments to Luke's reply...

    With a careful hand you can separate the display from the logic board in less than ten minutes. Just pry carefully on all sides. However, note that the display has a front bezel that attaches via several little "bumps" on all sides. If you're trying to remove the display, make sure not to dislodge the display's bezel by mistake, since the bezel will warp very easily and will have to be replaced.


    These Kindle 2's are slippery and not forgiving when you drop them. I've lost the screen on mine. It still reads but the background is very grey ... hard to read the black type. Amazon wants $200 to repair. I wonder if I can find the parts and replace them myself. Or if there is a way to reverse the type from black on white to white on dark grey. What do you think?