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  • Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit

    I went through the guide a few nights ago. I have an older Xbox, One of those old white guys that everyone knows and loves. It lasted me a lot longer than I had expected, outliving a few of the newer versions that my friends had bought long after I had gotten mine. However, a few months ago it came down with a case of RROD. I thought "Great, no more warranty, I guess i can pay 100 bucks to get it repaired or just buy a whole new system for even more!" but thankfully, I bought the kit and now it's working like new. Super easy to take apart, no problems except for two. The first being that it's a pain to bolt in the heatsinks with the washers and everything. I used a trick where I used a few toothpicks through the mobo holes and washers to hold everything in place until I could get the bolt in and threaded. Aside from initially reinstalling the CPU heatsink in the wrong way (i blame lack of sleep) i was able to take it down again and redo it no problem at all. A fairly easy, cheap, and effective repair.