Completed Guides


  • Yellow Light of Death Repair

    The white plastic covers were tough to peel off for me as well. An X-ACTO knife or utility blade really helps in this regard.

  • Yellow Light of Death Repair

    Terrific guide. I used this guide and the toolkit sold by ifixit and everything worked for my 60GB CECHA01 model. My PS3 died while watching a Blu-ray, so my Blu-ray was stuck inside and I hadn't backed up any of my game saves or anything. I bought a new slim PS3 and was able to fix the fat guy (thanks to this guide!) and got my Blu-ray disc and transferred all my data to the slim. Plus, the fat guy's still working. It's only been a day, but still. Thanks for this guide, Brett and thanks for the helpful video, MJ.

  • PlayStation 3 Motherboard Replacement

    On my 60GB model, the Blu-ray ribbon cable was very easy to disconnect, but a real pain to re-connect. It's not as easy as pushing the black fap down to secure the ribbon. This YouTube video helped enormously:

  • PlayStation 3 Motherboard Replacement

    Same here. Even with pliers, my PRAM battery was incredibly difficult to remove. When it did finally come loose, part of the black plastic that keeps it secure broke off for me. The whole thing is loose now when I put it back, but still stays in place.

  • PlayStation 3 Top Cover Replacement

    Thanks @ericksi33, this really helped me out.

  • PlayStation 3 AC Inlet Replacement

    Like @asciimo and @deuxphoria, I had to loosen the same two screws to get the ground wire out. When you're putting the PS3 back together and you're doing the steps in reverse, it helps to leave those two screws unscrewed during Step 25 and wait until you put the AC inlet back in Step 18.