• Answer to: Water damage after put in washer

    I had my Galaxy phone wet for 45 minutes or more. Took the back off and layed it on a paper towel. Poured a 2"to 3" layer of bagged white rice into a flat container then placrd the phone, back cover and case on the rice. Pour the rest of the rice to completely cover evetything and let it sit overnight. Carefully remove phone placing on paper towel. To finish blow cool air to remove small articles of rice and powder. I used my hair dryer set on cool but its best to use the same can of air used for cleaning dust particles off your pc. The speaker was crackleing in and out the next day so I repeated the same procedure that night. The rice pulls out moisture and you may need to repeat the rice method. It work for me. I also removed the SIM card on the second try so all the connecters could get dry. Also, right after I found my phone soaking and before I could get it dryed off I received a call which made me worry about the wet circuts but, my phone survived after a few days eveything was working great.