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  • Yellow Light of Death Repair

    About a month ago my PS3 took a turn for the worse and after seven years finally fell to the YLOD. I researched and found this website with high hopes of being able to repair my system. After reading all of the reviews, I came to the notion that it is literally a 50/50 chance of resurrecting my system. I bought the repair kit and received it within a few days. Today I performed the operation that was needed to potentially bring my system back to life.

    After two 1/2 hours of taking apart my system, I finally was able to plug it back in. I turned the switch and the red light came on! Success! Well...up to this point it was. I turned on the PS3 and waited. It started and prompted me to reset the date/time. I was happy to assist with this matter. After two minutes of running, the fan started to get loud and the system shut off again and with an unwelcome sight, the yellow light ventured back into my life. I tried this two more times before I came to the conclusion that it was never coming back.