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  • Answer to: Cracked screen, Whole assembly or Glass Lens Cover?

    As a note: Motorola has been offering a deal if you purchased your Moto X thru the Motorola Store (Not your Phone Company) Where they will do a Screen replacement once for free. This may have changed, but I'd read about this only a few days ago.


  • Motorola Moto X Display Assembly Replacement

    Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL when prying the speaker off. You may accidentally separate the magnet from the speaker assembly. I got lucky in that my replacement had a speaker assembly already installed in it.

  • Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit

    Thank you for the guide and the repair kit. It unfortunately didn't solve my issue, but everything went smoothly and if I were to get another old Xbox - for repair or for a friend - I'd look here first to getting it up to par and to increase its life.

    And to those who go "The video wasn't all that descriptive about x"... READ! Seeing can help, but the text guide was perfect at describing every aspect of my Xbox's dis-assembly.