• Answer to: Logicboard problems after liquid spill.

    Your cheapest option, if you aren't under warranty anymore, would be to replace the logic board completely. This is the 2012 2.8ghz i7, and as long as you have the A1278 mid 2012 model, no matter then current logic board, this will fit, and give you the opportunity to upgrade to a better processor swell.
  • Answer to: Unable to remove existing hard drive

    Hello Sky, I think I've come across a solution for your issue. As for you Dan, Sky's Mac mini is the late 2012 Model, as specified in the sidebar of this post. Sky, after you have removed the wifi antenna grate, you'll notice that that hard drive is very hard to pull out and is still plugged in. There is a black panel(opposite of the ram bay) that is blocking the Sata cable from being detached, once you remove this black panel with your t8 torx screwdriver, you should be able to gently pull up on the sata cable, disconnecting it and lifting the hard drive out of the bay. For step by step instructions, I recommend following this video