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  • Answer to: iPhone blocked, only emergency call available

    Hi there, Thanks a lot for your reply! Actually, the problem was solved by itself ! A few months ago, I had a look again at the phone, and I just tried again to reinitialize it using basic functions of iTunes, and it worked ! I am wondering if there is not some link with a lock of the phone at least during one year... anyway it worked then by just reinitializing and by also unlocking the phone from the Apple account of the previous user... Good Luck for your try ! Thanks


  • LG G2 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial !

    I replaced LCD and Digitizer on my phone, but the phone won't turn on since. Nothing happens when I press the buttons (of course I also tried the power + volume down buttons).

    The only thing that happens is the front red LED flashing when I connect the phone to the charger. Could it means there is a short-circuit somewhere ? Do I have to change the mother board ?

    Any Ideas ?