• Answer to: No display after changing screen

    Try these steps,, first disconnect your battery, with your battery disconnected you now can disconnect all 3 screen connections, reconnect them and be triple sure they plug back in correctly, they should click or make a snapping noise when plugged in or most likely they are not plugged in right, now either plug in the battery and try to turn it on or with the battery unplugged put a charger into the charge port to see if the apple shows up on the screen, if none of this works you probably bought your screen from amazon or ebay and its faulty so you need a good 1, let me no if this worked please,
  • Answer to: iPad2 Screen very dim to view

    Your information is real limited, The Ipad 2 has a problem with the LCD Cable that can cause these symptoms, I would start by removing the Digitizer, then the 4 screws that hold the LCD in place,, with the Ipad powered on carefully lift the LCD while it is plugged into the Logic Board bending the LCD cable and at the same time watch the LCD and look for changes in lighting and resolution, if there are any you have a bad Cable, replace it, if not you should try a new LCD, good luck
  • Answer to: iPhone 4s earpiece not working tried replacing

    Sounds like you have a bad audio chip, almost impossible to fix, sorry, if you had a 4 instead of a 4S I would have an easy fix, the only other option would be that the headphone jack is dirty or has failed and is stuck on headphone mode so all audio is being sent there when on a call, try this_ make a call_ take the phone away from your ear_ watch the screen, turn volume up and down while on call and see if the volume on the screen says (heaphones) while your adjusting volume_ if it does than you need to clean or replace the headphone jack, good luck.
  • Answer to: Is alcohol the best solution?

    You should get the wet phone to a shop as soon as possible that is set up to deal with that the right way Rice is a joke don't use heat either, if it was salt water and you wont be able to get the phone to a shop within 2 days than submerge the entire phone in a glass of alcohol and leave it there untill you bring it to a shop, make sure the shop has a sonic cleaning device , good luck
  • Answer to: Battery drains very fast after screen replacement

    I wouldn't rule out that the new screen is causing a short on the Logic board, I have seen this many times, when the phone is powered up does it get warm to touch ? That would tell you it has a short.
  • Answer to: Phone doesn't react – How can I find out what's wrong?

    Duci, I agree with Old Turkey,, if you are still having problems after a new battery than I would replace the dock connector.
  • Answer to: iPhone not boot up, can not restored. Error 2001

    Leave it plugged into a wall charger for at least 15 minutes before you try a restore_, this will rule out that the battery is dead_,to finish a restore the phone needs enough battery power to be powered up on it's own.
  • Answer to: Replaced front screen and phone will not turn on.

    You should start with a hard reset.
  • Answer to: Why is there white spotting going through lcd?

    Sounds like a cheap bad screen,, hopefully you can exchange it for a good 1.