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  • Answer to: Can I get a new motherboard?

    If I understand you correctly just do a google search for iPod Touch 4th generation logic board and you will immediately find options to buy. If that's not what you're asking you may have to be more specific about what has broken.
  • Answer to: Is the PRAM battery in need of replacement?

    Here is the guide for replacing the PRAM battery.
  • Answer to: Pdf version of tear down

    You can find the iPod Touch 4th generation guides here. Once you click on the guide itself just above the first picture is an option for a pdf version. I am not sure if the teardown itself has a pdf option but if you're using a Mac with a recent OS X to access the page you can try the print option and on the print window that opens there should be a pdf pulldown box with an option to "save as pdf." It won't be as clean a pdf as the other guides but it should work in a pinch. Report back if this doesn't make sense or you have more questions.
  • Answer to: Problem after install of HD on iMac

    What version of OS is the Time Machine copy from? If it is 10.7 or later I would start by pressing option when I boot and select the recovery partition. Then I would try disk utility and verify the disk. Once you have either verified the disk is fine or repaired it after being told it was not fine I would repair permissions. If that doesn't help I would then do a fresh install of the OS and and either restore again, or manually migrate the data from the Time Machine backup. To be honest, I would almost certainly just do a fresh install of the OS myself but that's a choice and not a necessity to start with. Report back if you have questions or this is not helpful.
  • Answer to: No picture, fans running, possible failure?

    I just had a similar model with the exact same situation. You might have an opportunity that I did not to attach an external display. I believe if the external display works then the video card is the culprit (not cheap, either). This is just my guess but since it seems similar to what I just worked on and I could not get it to boot from an external or boot into target mode I'm assuming it's logic board related. I would be grateful to hear from someone else on whether this is a logical thought process or if it is possible/likely that a malfunctioning/broken video card could keep the machine from booting to OS at all. Sorry, I couldn't give you any concrete advice but Apple suggests replacing the video card first, then the logic board in the case of Diagnostic light #3 failing.
  • Answer to: Where are the power pads in my computer?

    I'm pretty sure this is what you're looking for. I hope it helps. Let me know if this is not for your actual model.